OM (ATTIN) ! Story of a Dangerous and wanted Criminal whose only goal in life is to – fight against injustice. Today the world, who knows Om as an Outlaw / Criminal, was born in a respectable Custom Officer’s family. Circumstances did not favour him. During his childhood, he lost his father and during his adolescence, due to continuous unfortunate incidents, he turned out to be a criminal.

Sandali (SANDALI SINHA) takes a liking towards Om at the very first. She falls in love with Om. Om gets the message of love from Sandali and he too reciprocates and fall in love with Sandali. Om’s Mother (SMITA JAYAKAR) and sister Anu also, were very happy about their relationship. So much so that Sandali’s father Dhariwal (PANKAJ DHEER) also does not have any objection to this relationship. But the terms and conditions put up by Dhariwal Raises A Difference of Opinion between Om and Dhariwal.

This difference of opinion between Om and Dhariwal takes a new change of scene, to defame Om, Dhariwal targets Om’s innocent sister. In managing this plan, Dhariwal’s friends, Salina (RAKHI SAWANT) and Inspector I. M. Katkar (SHARAT SAXENA) come together to help Dhariwal. Om’s innocent sister looses her life. Seeing the disaster of his fun-filled home, makes a simple Om turn into a notorious criminal. He was drawn to committing many more crimes, but Police Inspector Nissar Pathan (Mukesh Rishi) comes in his way and stands as a barrier. He tried to foil every attempt of Om.

Will Om be successful in Avenging his Ruin ?
Will Nissar Pathan be defeated by Om’s Intensions ?
What Forms did love between Sandali and Om take ?
To know, watch …………. ! OM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Starring Attin Bhalla, Sandali Sinha, Pankaj Dheer, Smita Jayakar, Raakhi Sawant, \ Sharat Saxena, Jaykar Anna, Deepak Shirke, Mukesh Rishi, Jonny Lever & Others.
Producer, Directed & Edited by Ashok Honda
P.R.O Jajendra Rao
Distribution Executive Bhanubhai Doshi
Production Executive Avee/ Shilpa Thakkar
Production Manager Karan Singh
Associate Director Dharamprakash
Sound Engineers Pramod Chandorkar / Alok Punjani
Action Bhiku Verma
Cinematographer S. Pappu & Lenin Xavier
Choreographer Chinni Prakash & Jojo
Background Music Amar Mohile
Screenplay Naeem – Ejaz
Still Vijay Tasveer
Dressman Hemant Pandya
Attin’ Costumes Inspire Creations
Sandali’s Costumes Inspire Creations
Kalpana Pandit’s Costumes Fashion Tantrum
Playback Singers Sunidhi Chauhan, Kumar Shanu, Alka Yagnik, KK/ Hema Sardesai, Udit Narayan, Sahilaja, Shaan.
Publicity Designer J.P. Singhal
Publicity Printers Nensey Offset Pvt. Ltd.
Chartered Accountant Sunil Sachdev & Co.
Titles Praful
Dubbing At Ashok Honda Studios
Mixing At Gaurav Digital (Rajkamal Studio)
Editing At Ashok Honda Editing Studio
Assistants Direction Salim Shaikh, Sandeep
Action Lala / Kishore Verma
Dress Harshad
Sound Pranam Pansara
Dance Sushma
Office Adeline / Jennifer
Production Boys Sudhakar / Durgaprasad

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