Little Lily

Little Lily

The cheerful puppy girl Lily lives in a small seaside village with her father, a famous inventor, and her spirited mother. Every morning Lily has her hands full with all the things she’s wants to do – she’s always eager for new experiences and to learn new things.

The most important event in the village is the annual competition of inventors where the grand prize goes to the most efficient and resourceful invention. All the inventors compete hard for the coveted title of the cleverest inventor in the village Oscar has often won the prize with his wonderful gadgets that are of great help in everyday household work.

The great day has come once again and the villagers have taken the results of their work to the jury. The first one to present his work is the fox Giovanni who has made a fountain out of his kitchenware. The villagers like it very much but Giovanni's wife is unhappy because her last pot adorns the top of the fountain. Next comes mother pig Betty who demonstrates her mechanism for jumping over puddles – she succeeds in getting over a puddle but when her whole family

rushes to congratulate her, they all fall into the mud. Oscar self-consciously stands next to his invention – a laundry machine – demonstrating how it washes, irons and folds articles of clothing.

Adalbert the head of the rabbit family is very ambitious. He always wants to be the best in everything. So he eagerly steps forth to show off his vegetable- peeling machine that increases speed when he taps its side. Seeing Oscar's success, Adalbert gets so excited that he taps too hard and one side of his machine falls off. Inside the machine everybody sees Adalbert's sweating wife Sophie doing her best to help her husband. Adalbert doesn't want to accept defeat and starts screaming. The villagers don't know what to do but Lily's friend the bee Susumu, a gardener from Japan, elegantly throws him over his immediately. In that way the villagers first witness a new field of sport – judo and the judo hurl.

As an active puppy girl, Lily asks Susumu to teach her judo but her friend the kitten Bruno cannot attend the lessons. Bruno's father was a famous hammer thrower and he flew away trying thrower and he flew away trying to break a record, so Bruno's mother, afraid of losing her son as well, makes him play music instead. Fortunately Bruno's father comes back from his travels and Bruno is allowed to go in for sports.

The shy little rabbit Albert wants to become friends with Lily and Bruno but he afraid to approach them. He secretly practices the new sport. To even his own great surprise, he manages to demonstrate his skill at the right moment, getting a chance to join the chosen, Lily and Bruno, at a judo competition in Japan that the fox Giovanni heard about over his radio made of knives, forks and ladles. Lily's father Oscar gets his mechanical rain cloud.

Out of the shed and they set off – and their journey has a happy end, for the team from Gadgetville brings back another prize – not for an invention, but for their skill in sports.