We are specialized activist in event management, Promotional activities, Celebrity & Artists Management and Production such as sets, lights, sounds etc. The name itself suggests of the highest quality or the first- rated excellence. Ashok Honda Productions comes in outstanding services and have one thing in common: an absolute sense of mission. We are into superior quality work, and we're pleased to work with you, serve on time and on budget.

Our Characteristics

Ashok Honda Productions as the name suggests; we provides high quality service. We provide the professional expertise to ensure the perfect planning, design and production of your event. We are focused on ensuring your party or event makes the right impression on your guests and target audience. We can produce your event in its entirely or just provide the specific elements or features you require. We are organized, well-prepared, punctual and versatile in our approach.

Our Belief

Good, better, best; Never let it rest.
Till your good is better and your better is best.

Our Services

The quality of our services is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.
The followings are our area of specialization.


Ashok Honda Productions is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration. We provide with crack shot services in the terms of managing the events.
The following are the areas of events we are specialized into:

  • Event Campaigns / Theme Parties
  • Club Events
  • Corporate Shows & Exhibitions
  • Commercial Shows
  • Concerts
  • Fashion Shows
  • Product Launches

We aim at excellence in our promotional activities the brands. Provide them with the proper exposure to the mass. We have the ability for carrying out successfully all sorts of promotion in all the parts of the country and can make coverage of 10 cities to arrange promotional show simultaneously
We perform of the highest quality in areas of promotional activities as follows:

  • Promotional Campaigns
  • Road Shows
  • Mall Activities

Celebrities and artists are heart of all the events. An integral part of our business is deal with the artists and celebrities. Ashok Honda Productions celebrities / Artists like actors, VJs, DJs, Singers, item performers, dancers [Many specialized forms like belly dancers, fire dancers, Bar tenders] are available. Whether they are national or international artists, we have a ace network with extensive database.
The following are services in exclusivity of artists, we are specialized into:

  • Celebrity Launch
  • Celebrity / Model Coordination
  • Celebrity centric: Shows/Events

The emcee in a ceremony gives life to the event. Ashok Honda Productions would provide you with the best suited emcee’s for your events. We have different categories of Emcee’s to match up with your required profile. Emcee’s creative Thought or fun games and interaction with audience creates the magic.
The following are the possible categories of Emcee’s on the basis you can select upon:

  • Our Emcee’s & Performers
  • Male Emcee’s
  • Female Emcee’s
  • For Corporates
  • For Shows :Games/ Concerts
  • Mimicry Emcee’s

Artists performances like belly dancer, fire dancers, acrobats jugglers etc with celebrity performances or Gala night gives add on value to the entertainment. Ashok Honda Productions provides the best qualified and professionals to meet with your requirements. There are vast form of arts in this category. So to create an understanding the following are the basic form to guide you for the best selective elements:

  • Our artists
  • Fire Dancers
  • Belly Dancers
  • Bollywood Dancers
  • Jugglers/ Acrobats
  • Dance Troupe from Reality shows

Ashok Honda Productions would provide you the best rates for singers and performers from your events. The categories are defined as per the form of music. Like gajal or pop singing. There are reality shows singers who have created magnificent mark on the listeners and spectators.
We provide with suitable packages for your event. The following are the categories :

  • Singers & Performers
  • Indian idol
  • Saregama/ Lil Champs
  • Voice of India
  • Playback/ Gajal/ sufi/Pop etc
  • Other Reality Shows

Any special event in your life whether it’s a personal and professional, the humor makes it more memorable. In the Show biz world we have a special line of artists called laughter artists. The joyful and enthusiasts mimicry and performances of these artists would create a difference to your event.
We will provide you with reality show laughter artists and the categories are as follows:

  • Laughter Artists
  • Comedy circus
  • Laughter challenge
  • Chote Miya
  • Pehchaan koan
  • Hash Baliye & Others

Ashok Honda Productions gives you the options regarding the Dj’s as per your requirement. Whether it’s a Theme party or club event. We have the finest profiles with us all around the globe. The differentiation of dj’s are based on their music like bollywood / retro/ rock / hiphop etc.
The following are the categories for Dj’s:

  • Dj’s & Performer
  • Bollywood Dj’s
  • International Dj’s
  • Rock/hiphop Retro/Music Dj’s ,/
  • Celebrity Dj’s
  • Specialized Dj’s

Ashok Honda Productions have a professional models. We do model coordination and promote fresher’s models , who want to pursue their career in modeling. We would serve the best as per the requirement: for photo shoots and celebrity models for brand endorsement.
The following are the categories to ease you with options:

  • Models
  • Male Models
  • Female Models
  • Photo Shoot
  • Brand Endorsement
  • Brand Endorsement

In dance performances we do have certain groupings: dance Troupes in reality shows and other professional groups. We have professional dance troupes and profiles available with us to meet your requirement. It also includes special dance forms: laser shows/ table hostesses/ shadow dancing etc. Ashok Honda Productions gives options in the categories as follows:

  • Reality Show: Dance Performers
  • Nach Baliye
  • Dance Premiere league
  • India’s No.1 Talent Show
  • Jhalak Dikhla Ja
  • Other Talent Hunt Shows

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. The production is the back bone for any show. We provide with top world – class vendor and manpower. We have the skill in delivering lighting solutions, special "sound to light" effects as per your requirement. The bonus of our services like back stage mgt and high quality manpower. We have all possible option for branding of your brand. The following are the few options for production, as it’s a vast subject of discussion:

  • Production related Elements
  • Stage Set up / Lights / Sound/Security
  • Vendors Coordination
  • Back -Stage Coordination
  • Hostess/ promoters/ Manpower
  • Branding Elements