Company Profile

"Ashok Honda Productions is a Production House owned by Mr. Ashok Honda, registered with the Film Makers Combine (membership no: 8010)"

Ashok Honda Productions is a film production concern started in 1993 by Mr. Ashok Honda, a renowned Indian film Producer, Editor and Director. Mr. Honda has been involved with the Indian Film Industry since 1986, having, in that time, worked on numerous projects with and for the industry’s most reputed filmmakers. Mr. Honda has edited over 80 films and created over 120 promos and trailers for commercial films.

In 1993, Mr. Honda created his Production House, Ashok Honda Productions. In the 17 years since its inception, Ashok Honda Productions has churned out several successful feature films which were produced, directed and edited by Mr. Ashok Honda himself. Mr. Honda also has to his credit numerous commercials, documentaries, educational films and television programs.

Ashok Honda Productions has also acquired the rights to a number of foreign language films which have been dubbed and released in India. The rights for many feature films and television programs in various Indian languages have also been acquired to distribute in foreign markets. Ashok Honda Productions concentrates on productions of quality factual programming as well as on the production of sophisticated corporate, image and commercial films for international consumer markets.

Ashok Honda Productions also organizes events and cultural programs for various functions and arranges for celebrities to attend these functions and openings.

The company takes care of all post production requirements under one roof. In addition, it also takes on Distribution, Recording and Dubbing.

Ashok Honda Productions consists of separate Editing, DVD Mastering and Sound Recording & Mastering departments.